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A fly fishing line is an essential tool in your fly fishing equipment and you should purchase the best you can afford. We created this site to help you find the best fly fishing lines online. We have deals and discounts to the best fly fishing tackle merchants online.

Fly fishing is the best form of angling. It has been around for a long time. This is not the place for a history of fly fishing but suffice is to say that as far back as 1,700 years ago people were using rods and fly lines to catch fish such as trout and bass.

There are so many benefits to be gained from fly fishing; it would be very difficult to list them here. Different people attain different benefits and no two fly fishermen will have the same exact reasons for wanting to get into fly fishing. There are, however, universal advantages that every person who practices the art of fly fishing profits from. This includes the relaxation and harmony that comes from being close to nature. How can anyone not enjoy being amongst the trees, rivers, rocks and wind as it blows. You can really forget about all the troubles that are associated with our busy modern lifestyles. In fact, for most people landing a fish is not the main objective. It is very nice to catch a fish but if you never do, for lots of people it is not a problem, as they win in so many other ways.

Fly fishing just like other sports has many tools. The most important tool is of course the rod, but the line is just as important in fly fishing because it is the line that you cast as the fly has no weight at all. Therefore, the quality of your line can play an important role in your success at this sport.

Before going out and picking fly fishing lines, you need to understand a few things. These include the difference between two basic shapes or tapers. You can get double taper and weight-forward. Weight forward fly lines are versatile and very easy to cast and for this reason they are very popular with fly fishermen. They have a thin tip and then quickly taper to a thick belly. The line then tapers to a thin running line for the rest of the length. You can really achieve delicate presentations of the fly because of the light tip.

Double taper fly lines are very similar to weight forward lines but the main difference is that double taper lines remain thick throughout the centre of the line. They start thin just like the weight forward ones, get thicker in the belly and continue in that thickness all the way. Casting long distances is difficult with double taper fly lines but long roll casts they are fantastic.

The next thing to think about is if you want a floating or sinking line. Floating lines are very popular because they are versatile and are easy to cast and control. If you only fish with dry flies then floating lines is all you will need because as the name suggests they float. They are, however, not limited to just dry flies, because you can attach a leader to the end of it if you want to go deeper.

You might be asking yourself then what is the point of a sinking line, if a floating line can do it all. Well, there are situations that the floating line is inadequate such as when you want to go very deep such as in a deep pond or fast moving river. The major drawback with sinking lines is you are not able to cast once the line is in the water and you have to retrieve all of the line before casting again.

When shopping for fly fishing lines you will come across some numbers and letters displayed on the box such as “WF8F” PR “DT6S”. It might be confusing for first timers but if you’ve been fishing for a while you will know what they mean. The first letter tells you the taper, the number tells you the line weight and the last letter lets you know what type of line it is, such as floating (F) or sinking (S) etc.

You also shouldn’t forget about backing. Backing is very important and you should add it to your reel if it came to your unassembled.

As we’ve mentioned before the fly line is just as important as the fly fishing rod, so you should buy the highest quality you can afford. If you take care of it properly and clean it regularly it will last and serve you a long time.

Cortland 444XP Intermediate Classic Blue Fly Line

Cortland 444XP Intermediate Classic Blue Fly Line
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444XP Intermediate Classic Peach Fly Line
The Cortland 444 Classic Peach is without doubt the worlds favourite fly fishing line.
It has a super supple and slick coating and is a delight to fish with.
It has a long belly specifically for fishing stillwaters and will ensure adequate loading when using todays more powerful rods.
This is the Blue Intermediate Weight Forward version.

Skysper – Super Dyneema Strong Braided Fishing Line – Grey Blue Yellow Green Red White – 45LB 1000M

Skysper - Super Dyneema Strong Braided Fishing Line - Grey Blue Yellow Green Red White - 45LB 1000M
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Name: PE Braid Fishing Line
Brand Name: Skysper
Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating Line
Material: Braided Wire
Model Number: L-1000M-45LB
Length : 300M/500M/1000M
Color: Red/Green/Grey/Yellow/Blue/White
Strong Test(Test LB) / Dia. (mm):
8LB/0.100 10LB/0.128 15LB/0.140
20LB/0.165 23LB/0.180 25LB/0.200
30LB/0.234 33LB/0.260 35LB/0.285
37LB/0.300 40LB/0.324 45LB/0.350
50LB/0.370 60LB/0.400 70LB/0.450
80LB/0.500 100LB/.0600

Fly Reel – Pre Loaded With SINK TIP Fly Line includes Backing & loops

Fly Reel - Pre Loaded With SINK TIP Fly Line includes Backing & loops
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List Price: £54.95
Superb offer on a quality graphite large Arbor fly reel fully loaded with a quality fly line, including backing and leader loop. So often do fisherman want to take the hassle out of putting lines onto reels correctly, using the correct knots and putting the right amount of backing on, here's a great deal where its all done for you professionally.

Includes graphite fly reel with drag, the right amount of backing, connected to the fly line with braided mono so there's no knots at all and complete with braided leader loop.

Colour of line may vary

Thames Mucilin Line Grease Red

Thames Mucilin Line Grease Red
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List Price: £2.59
Sale Price: £1.94
Availability: Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days
Mucilin Line Grease

Mucilin Line Grease

  • Greatly aids floatation